Worksheets to Help Clients Build Routine

Studies have shown that adopting a healthy routine can have far-reaching mental health benefits. This includes coping with bipolar disorder, preventing substance abuse, and managing stress.

start with a simple Brainstorm

Behavioral activation is an important coping strategy for depression. It is quite simple and can also be very effective. When individuals are depressed, they may be less likely to do things they enjoy or to keep up with everyday responsibilities. This can spiral into further feelings of detachment and isolation. Use these worksheets to come up with lists of achievable goals for the week. The accompanying page will help clients track how their mood is affected by accomplishing these tasks.

ease into and out of the day

Clients will reflect on how to best bookend their days by coming up with a plan for productive mornings and relaxing evenings. This 6-page mini workbook will have individuals look at their current routine, contemplate what they’d like to achieve, and then allow them to track how they’ve been keeping up. There are also 2 pages with ideas for morning and evening routine activities.

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Feel good by nourishing your body

A healthy mind goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body. This tracker can be used to reflect on past weeks or to plan for the week ahead. Record water intake, fitness activity, and meals.

Keep track of any routine

These are general habit trackers that can be used to stay on top of any routine. Multiple habits can be tracked over the course of a month or one habit can be tracked over the course of a year. There is also space to list the motivation for adopting this routine in order to provide some encouragement to keep at it!